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Home Automation starting a limitless long journey

Home Automation System at its start was offered only for the rich. But, it has now sprawled for the upper-middle-class segment as well. It seems like people in India want more smart homes and aren’t satisfied just with the location.

The sophisticated have great expectations from their homes. Home Automation System has become a necessity for the upper-middle-class people. They want comfort, security, and efficiency at their doorsteps.

Why there is a need for Home Automation System?

  • Automation has already occupied a healthy part of hospitality sector but it has not really garnered much attention the real estate sector. So, Home Automation can improve a lot in real estate.
  • Moreover, there is a rising demand for automated facilities while buying an apartment. The 24X7 surveillance for Security, Biometric scanning entry/exit, Smart Appliances which can turn off themselves when not required, temperature sensors and door sensors.
  • Home Automation in India can work more than any other nation because in India people are conscious of saving energy costs. There is a desperate need for cheap, smart and efficient Home Automation Systems.
  • A couple of years ago the concept was just limited to wealthy. However, the recent trends have shown that more and more upper middle class are going for Home Automation.

What are Smart Homes?

Smart homes combine safety, technology, and intelligent monitoring which helps them to build efficient smart homes. It also improves the lifestyle of the occupants.

Growing demand for sustainable energy solutions

It is our moral duty to search for sustainable solutions which help us to reduce carbon footprint. It has many attributes such as it reduces pollution in the environment, lowers the energy bills, resource depletion, safety, health and provides ideal ready to live in an environment.

We are hopeful of automation becoming a norm rather than a scarce offering. India’s adoption of global practices will be beneficial both for the country and the environment.