Best Home Automation System in India

What is Home Automation? How can you automate your home? What is the Best Home Automation System in India?

Home Automation is a term that finds a frequent usage in this digital era. Everybody wants their home to become smart as we are becoming more sophisticated day by day. The smart home features gadgets controlling lightning, Home security, Air-Conditioning, Heating and other appliances. Now that’s interesting because you don’t have to be present there physically to turn-off the lights. We will also delve deep into the best home automation system in India.

The increasing number of gadgets such as smartphones and smartwatches have made the communication a lot easier. So, you can easily connect your smartphone to your smart home and control your refrigerator and AC. If it’s hot outside you can start your Air-Conditioner 10 minutes before you reach your home. Similarly, if it is cold outside you can start your heater before you come back.

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation must have features such as Convenience, Security, Comfort and Efficiency.

  1. Convenience: It should be easy to reduce or increase the air circulation of fan from your tablet and smartphones. It must be user-friendly and convenient to use.
  2. Efficient: The response from the devices which connect the smartphones should be blazing fast. It is most important that devices should work always without getting failures.
  3. Comfort: It should be feasible for the people to connect with the devices even when they are few miles away. Automation can present home environments as per your liking without any real effort.
  4. Security: The devices should inform the homeowners in a case of a breakdown in the house. It should be easy to monitor the home from anywhere around the world.

The real challenge lies in to find smart solutions for your home as per your budget. For example, if you live in India you can find the Best Home Automation System in India. But, most of the companies will end up burning a hole in your pocket.

Also, taking care of budget should go along with ensuring maximum effectiveness of devices.

What things do you need to keep in mind while searching best Home automation system in India?

There are few things to keep in mind when going for Home Automation. However, planning for Home automation when buying a new home is an opportunity to install new technologies. It also helps to save on infrastructure costs.

If you are planning to build a new home and you want to install home automation do it at the very beginning. It is cheap to install it in the beginning than to do it at the end. The technology you are planning to use will automatically mingle well with the architecture of your home.

The construction will take in the keypads and mount them perfectly on the walls. The wiring can be used to connect the other devices such as television, speakers, security system, cameras etc. Moreover, it saves time, money and trouble once you start residing in your home.

The home automation companies are coordinating with interior designers and architects to plan well before executing.

The automation system for light detects light and adjusts them according to the time of the day. Also, there are no manual switches to increase or decrease the intensity of light. The various available lighting scenes are sunset, daytime, dinner, reading, and entertainment. The room can serve various purposes such as movie screening and reading. You can provide various scenes in which you will accomplish your daily tasks. Once you’ll complete the identification of your needs you can get the count of switches and dimmers to support your desired scenes.

Taking care of budget while choosing the Best Home automation system in India

Before spending even a penny speak to the experienced person who can integrate your needs into reality. It will help you to clarify and distil your thoughts as per your requirements. It will save your money and will also increase cost effectiveness.

For an instance, if you want the automation system for lighting and not for security it is useless to go for an extensive system. Very simple systems are cost effective. You can either have a dynamic keypad that centrally controls everything in the room or you can just have an app to control appliances from your smartphone.

It all depends on you on how you choose to spend your money.

Things you should abstain from before going for Home Automation

The homeowners should be able to differentiate between what is the necessity and what is the comfort. You must only spend on must-have especially when there is a budget crunch. However, you should avoid using complex systems as it is difficult to program them as per your changing needs. You must try to rely on resources other than Wi-fi as if your internet goes down you’ll lose control over your appliances. It is better to have a keypad mounted on the wall as they seldom fail and are always accessible.

Cost of the Best Home Automation System in India

The preset lighting control system for one room costs about INR 45000 in India. Total 3 bedroom home control system comes at INR 175,000. Venetian blinds, roman shades and roller shades start at INR 35,000. You can save 60% of lighting energy and 10-30% of your heating and cooling costs through occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, plug load control etc.

Dimming your lights by 25% can save 20% energy.

The total home control automation saves energy and contributes towards a greener and cleaner planet.