Home Automation System providers need to push beyond early adopters

Home Automation System providers need to push beyond early adopters

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Gartner, an American research, and advisory firm, recently conducted a survey on the penetration of home automation in America. The survey was done on 10,000 online users and the result was a bit surprising with only 10% of users have connected home solutions.

The survey also discloses the adoption rate of different home automation products such as security alarm systems and home monitoring system etc. Among all home automation systems, the home security alarm systems have almost double(18%) the adoption rates of other home automation solutions. The home monitoring systems have 9%, smart energy management has 9%, health and wellness management has 11% share of home automation market.

The home automation solutions have devices which are interconnected to each other through the Internet and allows users to control them through a mobile app or web app. The Us shows 5 to 6% greater adoption rate of such products as compared to other markets.

“Although households in the developed world are beginning to embrace connected home solutions, providers must push beyond early adopter use,” said Amanda Sabia, principal research analyst at Gartner. “If they are to successfully widen the appeal of the connected home, providers will need to identify what will really motivate current users to inspire additional purchases.”

According to the survey, adopters opt for a free service instead of a monthly subscription-based service for home automation solutions. In the US, home monitoring industry is quite strong and about 59% of households pay a monthly fee for their home monitoring solution which clearly showing the worth of such solutions for adopters.

More than 50% adopters of energy management and health/wellness solutions are using these services for free. So in such a scenario, it’s really challenging to increase the adoption rate of such solutions on the monthly subscription basis.

In the survey, respondents were asked to give ratings from 0 to 100 to home automation solutions. About three-fourths of them were happy with the way they are currently using their home products i.e. manually switching them on and off, setting temperature etc. Only one-fourth showed some interest in automated home products. In answer to another query, 58% of respondents were interested in independent devices.

“Messaging needs to be focused on the real value proposition that the complete connected home ecosystem provides, encompassing devices, service, and experience,” said Jessica Ekholm, research director at Gartner. “The emphasis needs to be on how the connected home can helps solve daily tasks rather than just being a novelty collection of devices and apps.”

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