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Are you still wondering if your sweet home can get smart?

Try our Smart Home Automation products and you will never doubt that again.

Awesome features

Take a look at some of these features that makes Lambda so unique. We worked hard to make a product that will stand out of the crowd.

  • Speech recognition

    Want to interact with the app. No need for gestures! Speak and it will understand.

  • Free updates

    No need to pay to get the updates. With Lambda all updates are free!

  • Responsive design

    Made to look great on all devices. Tablets, mobiles and even desktops.

  • Energy Saver

    Designed to save energy and use less of your device’s CPU so you can use it more.


We have designed our app keeping all the user’s requirements in mind. Take a look at some of these cool screenshots that make it so unique.

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